Maree Delofski: Writer, Producer, Director

cinema action

Maree Delofski joined the film collective Cinema Action in London in May 1970. Among the early films Maree worked on as a member was the prize winning Arise Ye Workers (1973). The film won the Silver Dove at the Leipzig Film Festival.

arise ye workersOn 21 July 1972, five shop stewards were jailed by the Industrial Relations Court for organising “unofficial picketing”.

The jailing had the effect of mobilising support for the ‘Pentonville Five‘ from thousands of other workers, including engineers, building workers and the print workers of Fleet Street.

The five jailed dockers were Conny Clancy, Tony Merrick, Bernie Steer, Vic Turner and Derek Watkins

A number of shop stewards discuss the campaign which gathered such support that the government was forced to release the jailed workers.

The film was widely shown at gatherings of workers and usually followed by debate. The film has been screened once a year by the remaining members of the ‘Pentonville Five’, a testament to their appreciation of this documentary.

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