Maree Delofski: Writer, Producer, Director

philippines my philippines

Released in 1988 this film documents the situation in the Philippines, three years after a triumphal wave of ‘People Power’ swept away the Marcos regime and installed Cory Aquino as head of state.

It contrasts the hopes of the freedom struggle with the realities of prostitution and the absence of genuine land reform.

The film explores the connections between slumdwellers organising themselves and the rise of vigilante death squads, between a foreign investment boom and police strike-breakers, between Australian development aid to poor peasants and counter-insurgency strategies.

Philippines my Philippines was nominated for two AFI Awards: Best Documentary and Best Cinematography in a Documentary.


Reviewer quotes:

“a beautiful and vibrant country in very deep trouble … Expertly made, a must-see” …. David Statton (Variety)

“Shattering” …. Bill Collins

“The most harrowing, comprehensive and powerful documentary on the Philippines I’ve seen” …. Phillip Adams

“Human rights violations by the military itself are rampant and unchecked. The Aquino government is shown as rife with incompetence and corruption, using democratic rhetoric to whitewash its repeated failings. It’s a depressing portrait of a country where life is a daily struggle for survival.” …. Clarke Fountain (All Movie Guide)


Production Credits
Director: Chris Nash
Producer: Maree Delofski, Chris Nash
Director of Photography: John Whitteron
Editor: Ruth Cullen
Sound: Bronwyn Murphy

Running Time: 73 minutes